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Windspotter is the indispensable tool for windependent sportsmen to get to the right spot on the water. Get REAL INFO from real windsurfers. LIVE data from your favorite spots. Forget weather stations and web-cams.

Check out the average and individual SAIL (board) size used on your favourite spots. Check out where your friends are, what gear they are using. Like any social app it works if you also actively report from the beach – let your friends and everybody else know what is going on while you are at the beach.

Read and share comments, spot tips and additional infos. Mobile costs are kept extremely low as you send/download minimal data therefore also suitable when traveling abroad. When using the app it is like going down to all your favorite beaches and ask everybody what sail size are you using? The answer is e.g. now is 4.7 weather @ my home-spot.

  • All your Favorite spots @ one glance – see average, individual SAIL size, board size
  • Easy check-in with favorite gear feature and GPS aided spot selection
  • Share sail, board size, comments, spot info.
  • See where your friends are and what gear they are using
  • Become king of the beach by collecting check-in points
  • get push notifications from your friends and favorite spots
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